Our practice is geared toward growing leaders who are strategic thinkers.

Our leaders will learn strategic planning, and how to discover workplace solutions to ensure prosperity and tactical management of organizational difficulties and challenges.

Alabaster is driven to problem-solve with a pragmatic approach to set and reach quantifiable goals. We do this by offering some specific workplace solutions focused on addressing the psychology of work.

Organizational Development

  • Helping organizations discover solutions to workplace difficulties and challenges.
  • Shaping the organizations problem-solving abilities.
  • Assisting organizations in reaching quantifiable goals.
  • Pragmatic forward thinking approach to help clients learn how to promote workplace success and business achievement.
  • Learn how to redesign challenges into opportunities.

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Business Consulting

  • Experienced business professionals provide in-depth knowledge, expertise, skills, and experience.
  • Engagement works toward the assessment and analysis of a specific situation or complete business developing comprehensive procedures, policies and techniques to achieve a successful conclusion.
  • Get advice and direction as you move toward success.
  • Consultants provide recommendations to the public companies, firms, and industries helping you focus on key processes to develop strategies and identify solutions for organizational streamlining and solving specific business problems and inefficiencies.
  • The result can be an increase in overall productivity and profitability.

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Business Development

  • Develop a process for driving sales.
  • Cultivate sound relationships with your business partners, vendors and customers.
  • Scout for new opportunities, track business leads, articulate the benefits of products and services.
  • Seek new clients by generating and following business leads, develop clientele and intelligent business proposals.   
  • Develop a good marketing plan for the company’s products and businesses.
  • Allies in the development and implementation of strategies, plans and business models financial projections for growth and profitability
  • Coordinate, develop and assist in execution of a cohesive Marketing and Sales Plan.

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Training and Workforce Development

The overall training priorities are guided by business strategies focused on:

  • Peak Performance
  • People Development
  • Business Development
  • Leadership Development

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Alabaster Business Consortium

A Mastermind and Professional Development Consortium

A consortium is a group linking two or more individuals, companies or organizations with the objective of participating in a common activity, pooling resources, including mind-share in an effort to achieve common goals.

Alabaster Business Consortium are business development groups (tables) of people and businesses crafted to breed high level business performance and results.  The organization offers a powerful combination of peer advisory forums, organization development, business development, training and consultation to businesses and corporations. The Alabaster Business Consortium will capitalize on business people of varying backgrounds, different viewpoints, experience, talents, and ideas to ensure collective success.

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