Alabaster Business Consortium

Alabaster CEO Comprehensive Development Program

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the program.

What is the goal of the Consortium?

Our goal is to provide Houston business executives and CEOs with comprehensive, world-class resource for business and personal development under-girded by a business to business referral networking system that gets results, second to none.

So what does the ideal Business Consortium member look like?

  1. CEO, Owner, Partner in privately held Stage II-type firm.
  2. Business Executive or Business Professional ready to grow.
  3. Facing issues of growth, rather than survival.
  4. A track record of business successes, as well as, challenges.
  5. Adheres to a group code of conduct and accountability.
  6. Desires to be surrounded by like-minded peer professionals of forward-thinking, focused fellows.

What Are Benefits of Belonging to a Alabaster CEO Group?

  • Gain advice from peers who have been where you are in your business.
  • Obtain advice from a trusted, seasoned coach in private sessions twice a month.
  • Learn how to work “on” your business rather “in” your business.
  • Build key business relationships through value-based networking.
  • Gain knowledge and skills to help become an effective communicator and leader.
  • Obtain advice from peers that can help you effectively handle the most difficult people and bottom-line performance issues, in a confidential environment.
  • Stay ahead of the competition through the wise counsel of a trusted, seasoned coach and a group of peers you can count on.

Wondering if you would be a good fit?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I suffering a significant revenue shortfall?
  • Am I feeling ‘left in the dust’ by my competition?
  • Am I missing out on the right tools to keep my business moving forward on the right path?
  • Am I looking for fresh ideas from a fresh perspective?
  • Am I making decisions in a vacuum; mainly following my own counsel?
  • Am I receiving advice from a trusted, seasoned coach/advisor?
  • Am I receiving timely, relevant and actionable knowledge in today’s competitive and often uncertain climate?
  • Am I consistently obtaining the knowledge, skills and resources to maximize my ROI?
  • Am I working “on” my business rather than working “in” my business?
  • Am I building mutually profitable business relationships through the sharing of advice, information, resources, recommendations and referrals?
  • Am I seeking to become a more effective leader/communicator?
  • Does my staff follow my strategic vision for our company?
  • Am I effectively handling my people problems?
  • Is my company consistently providing exceptional service to our customers and potential customers?

If you a strong reaction to any of these questions or experience any of these challenges, contact Alabaster NOW!

Still not sure if the Alabaster CEO Group is right for you?

Becoming better leaders.

Excelling in making strategic decisions.

Challenging the status quo and making bold moves.

Obtaining immediate and objective feedback when needed.

Making better choices.

Effectively achieving their business development goals.

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